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NAS Recording

NAS Recording

All the Cam2Life's IP cameras support the recording of the live video into standard NAS (Network Attached Server) devices. The IP cameras record to the NAS devices using the standard LMX_NS/CIFS/SSN protocols that are the same as used by the Microsoft Windows network neighborhood and the Samba server in Linux. The IP cameras can record to all the existing NAS devices in the market without additional NVR function on the NAS device, the benefits are :

  1. All the existing NAS devices are becoming NVR devices.
  2. The choice of NAS devices can meet your different levels of requirements
    1. Price – low to high.
    2. Quality – normal to excellent.
    3. Data security – Raid0 to Raid4.
    4. Capacity – hundreds of GB to lots of TB.
    5. Brand – small brand to well known big brand
  3. No extra charge for the NVR functions or devices.
The IP cameras also provide full functions of recording schedules, the IP camera videos could be recorded into the NAS devices on any time period of everyday or every week days continuously or only if there is any motion detection events and/or digital input triggered events. The recorded video files could be easily played back by the bundled CamPlay software. In summary :

  1. Recording to NAS easily by the name or IP address of the NAS device
  2. Overwrite the old files circularly to maximize the NAS usage.
  3. Full recording schedule supported.
  4. Events(motion and digital input) triggered recording supporte

There is always a name for the NAS device, if the NAS device and the IP cameras are on the same local area network, the IP cameras can easily record to the NAS device by this NAS name, no IP address is needed.

If the NAS device is in the public domain area, the IP cameras can record to the NAS device by connecting to the public IP address of the NAS device.

The followings are the basic NAS recording application architectures


NAS-Remote Recording


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