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No. 1 plug n play network camera


Why wasting your time configuring IP cameras the old way - setting fixed IP address and DDNS, opening port mappings on routers and doing this again every time changing the IP camera location.

Now, with the plug and play network cameras from Cam2Life, accessing the camera video is just like making a phone call and you can see the video easily on computers and mobiles.

What's your benefits of selling Cam2Life products?
1. You can sell faster
2. Your customer service is easier
3. This is your only chance to sell large volume

Cam2Life is the Network Camera product that will bring security, entertainment, child/elder cares and peace of mind to your life.

        It's very easy to use the Cam2Life cameras. Like using a telephone set, just plug the camera into the network, zero configuration, and you could view the video remotely –

  1. Through the iPhone/iPad/Android mobiles&pads
  2. Through the web browser
  3. Through the computer with management software

Cam2Life is aiming to Keep your life safe in the easiest way, yet, a lot of benefits you will get by using the Cam2Life cameras

  1. Free 3G mobile software - mCamView / mCamViewHD.
  2. Free 36 channel management software - CamView.
  3. Free remote viewing on the web portal.
  4. Recording the video to the computer, NAS or SD card.
  5. Email notification when motion was detected or alarm was triggered.
  6. Scheduled recording and notification any time you like in the week.
  7. Pan tilt the camera to the place you want to see.
  8. Viewing in the night time.

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